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Kimba Neo Kids Buggy

On the way to school, daycare or therapy, in the car, by bus, train or on foot: Your child needs good support while travelling, but without being restricted in its ability to perceive the surroundings. 

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Kimba Neo Kids Buggy Kimba Neo Kids Buggy Kimba Neo Kids Buggy Kimba Neo Kids Buggy


On the way to school, daycare or therapy, in the car, by bus, train or on foot: Your child needs good support while travelling, but without being restricted in its ability to perceive the surroundings.

Ottobock rehab buggies such as the Kimba Neo meet precisely these requirements.

Since the requirements often change, even in the short term, you can adjust many of the settings yourself.

From the outside you can hardly see that the Kimba Neo is a rehab buggy.

For children aged 1 to 10 years who need more support, the Kimba Neo is our multi-talent.

Comfortable and shock-absorbing, it helps prevent spasms. You can adjust virtually all settings yourself (or with the support of your local contact person) to meet the individual needs of your child.

This means the Kimba Neo "adapts" not only to your child but also to the current requirements.

If your child gets tired while out and about, you simply tilt the seat back to provide relief.

When your child wants to see more, you tilt the seat forward a little for more active participation in the surroundings.

Padding of the Kimba Neo
Soft, comfortable and secure

The padding material supports the spine and prevents caving in – It is comfortable and soft. Adjustable lateral supports at the hips, thighs and if necessary, the head ensure even better stability and security.

Seat of the Kimba Neo.
Always sitting

The seat adapts to the child's therapy goals. Not only the height, width and depth of the seat but also the head and lateral supports are individually adjustable.

Even the seat and foot angle can be precisely adapted to your child's needs.

Suspension of the Kimba Neo
Adjustable suspension

The adjustable suspension helps prevent spasms. Thanks to the suspension, the driving characteristics are smoother and the buggy is easier to steer, even on rough terrain.

Children like the Kimba Neo

We based the Kimba Neo on the prize-winning design of its predecessor, the Kimba Spring. Many users appreciate the fact that others cannot see at first glance that this is a rehab buggy providing special support. Children appreciate the colour scheme in particular. In order to take every child's personal preferences into account, the Kimba Neo is available in many different colours and materials.

Setting the Kimba Neo to the rest position
Fast switching to the rest position

With the seat tilt mechanism, you can tip the seat to various positions: The rest position relieves strain on your child's spine. The active position activates the muscles in the torso. Even though you can switch between the active and rest positions with ease, all original settings are retained.

Backrest angle of the Kimba Neo
Continously adjustable backrest angle

The backrest adapts to the needs of the child. In parallel, the knee and hip angle can be continuously adjusted as well. Here the angles can even be adjusted to more or less than 90 degrees.

Reclining position of the Kimba Neo
Reclining position

The Kimba Neo rehab buggy is even suitable for sleeping, because it can be adjusted to the horizontal. This is especially handy for diaper changes.

Changing the child's line of vision in the Kimba Neo
Changing the line of vision

The seat can be easily rotated in the direction of travel or the opposite direction. This ensure a quick response in case of seizures. You always maintain close contact and can see your child.

Tray of the Kimba Neo
Plug-on tray

The tray is quick to plug on and take off. It activates arm extension and makes it easier to raise the upper body. Toys can be secured very well on the tray as well.

Padding of the Kimba Neo
Padding: soft, cuddly and just right for children

The new pads of the Kimba Neo not only look especially attractive, but also fulfil a therapeutic function. They stabilise your child exactly where support is needed. Thanks to the durable, washable and at the same time soft and cuddly materials, your child will feel secure.

The standard padding is available in two colours: brown/beige and green/beige.

The microfibre melange padding is available in three colour combinations: blackberry/grey, blue/savannah and lime green/savannah

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 Size 1  2 
 Age:  1 to 6 years  4 to 10 years
 Seat Width:  20 to 30cms 26 to 35cms
 Seat Depth: 19 to 31cms 24 to 40cms 
 Lower Leg Length: 19 to 31cms 20 to 37cms
 Back Support Height / Inclination:   41 to 61cms  56 to 70cms
 Back support, shortened (MPS): 32 to 45.5cms 39 to 56cms
 Back Support Angle: 80° to 180° 80° to 180°
 Folding Size (L x W x H):  58 x 37 x 42cm   59 x 43 x 58cms 
 Weight Limit:  40kg  40kg 
 Product Weight (Kg): 7kg 8.5kg